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September 25, 2014

Engagement shoot in Lake George, NY

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Engagement shoot in Lake George, NY in September

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September 11, 2014

Mohawk River Country Club Wedding

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Alicia and Tim’s Wedding

Date: August 29, 2014

Venue: Mohawk River Country Club

DJ: Mike Garrissi

Labor Day Weekend and it was a labor of love for our two happy couples,
starting with Friday’s wedding for Alicia and Tim! The Mohawk River Country
Club in Rexford was our first wedding for the weekend. The weather was
absolutely perfect and spirits were at high energy where we found Alicia and
her bridal party all dressed and ready. We stepped out of the bridal suite
at the club while Alicia prepared to get ready and as we entered the room
again, we found a beautiful bride ready for this happy day to start! Since
the ceremony and reception all took place at the Country Club, we took
advantage of this amazing setting for the first look, family pictures and
the entire bridal party!

While guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, we continued with Alicia and Tim and
took advantage of the golf course that sits right behind the club and we
succeeded in capturing some beautiful photographs and time enough for Alicia
and Tim to enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests.

After all the formalities, guests were treated to a delicious dinner and
bridal cake thanks to the very attentive Banquet Manager and staff who are
always consistent with their attention to details!

The rest of the evening was focused on DJ Mike Garrisi from Music Man
Entertainment, who packed the dance floor with everyone celebrating this
happy occasion with Alicia and Tim who certainly enjoyed themselves as well!

This was truly a fun day especially when you spend it with a very fun loving
couple who just smiled and enjoyed every moment of the beginning of their
lives together!

We want to thank you so much for allowing us to capture this wonderful day
with you, your families and friends!

Congratulations Alicia and Tim, and enjoy all the health and happiness life
has to offer!

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September 10, 2014

Estate Wedding September 2014

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WOW!!!!! Everything about this wedding for Elizabeth and Matt had that WOW
factor from beginning to end!!! We first met up with Elizabeth, her family
and bridal party at their home where hair and make-up was taking place. We
are always so happy when Alayne and her staff from Make-me-Fabulous are all
on board. As always we started our photographs with all the preliminary
shots that were all laid out, thanks to Christine Wheat and her staff who
were there for not just the bride and groom but for us as well every step of
the way.

Moving on, it was time for Elizabeth to get dressed and again, WOW!
Stunning, elegant, magnificent are just a few of the words to describe the
bride-to-be! The photographs really tell the entire story of this memorable
day! From there we went to see how Matt was doing and spend some quality
time with him and his best men and groomsmen. We had so much fun with them
until it was time to set up the first look. From, there we continued with
bridal party and then onto St. Mary’s Church in Albany for a beautiful

While all this was happening David Michael Schmidt and his team from
Renaissance Floral Design were putting on the finishing touches to the
outdoor tent for cocktail hour and the tent for the sit down dinner. After
the ceremony we wanted to get back to the house before the guests arrived so
that we could capture this breathtaking display of magnificent floral
arrangements and table setups. As the guests arrived I noticed that they
were speechless or just in awe of everything they had to look at as they
approached the cocktail tent. Later guests were invited to the dinner tent
where again they were totally impressed how a tent could be transformed into
this stunning setting that just impressed everyone, especially Elizabeth,
Matt and their parents as they viewed it for the first time all finished!

Continuing with the introductions where the bridal party entered together
dancing in a conga line and then the first dance that was executed
magnificently! After guests were treated to a delicious dinner thanks to
Lily and the Rose, the rest of the formalities were complete and the dancing
began, which literally had everyone out of their seats and rocking the dance

We just can’t thank you enough, Elizabeth and Matt, for allowing us to be
part of this memorable exciting day for you, your families and friends!
Your enthusiasm and sense of humor and willingness to just embrace this
happy day was an inspiration for us!

Congratulations Elizabeth and Matt!

We wish all the health, happiness and love life has to offer you!

Michael and Nancy

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August 26, 2014

Saratoga National August Wedding

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How much more fun could we have had with this wonderful, happy bridal couple
Jennifer & Pete…the answer is none! We literally laughed and smiled all
day long! Everything was just perfect! We started at Jen & Pete’s house,
where Jen, her Mom, Dad and Pete were getting ready, while we started our
preliminary photos. In-between we talked and laughed with Jen’s parents,
which was so enjoyable!

Jen and Pete’s house was so conducive to starting our photos with Jen who
looked absolutely stunning as she walked down the flight of stairs to the
sitting room. From there we met up with Pete at the Yaddo Gardens in
Saratoga for family pictures while we waited for Jen to arrive for the first

Next stop Saratoga National Golf Course for a short but sweet ceremony, more
photos on the golf course and enough time for Jen and Pete to enjoy the
cocktail hour with family and friends!

As we entered the ballroom I was wowed by how beautiful it looked and
Michael told me Jen created all the floral arrangements with table names of
the horses at Travers that day. Very creative and thoughtful when one lucky
guest won money with a winning ticket that Jen and Pete placed under the
chair at each table!

After all the formalities were complete and everyone enjoyed a delicious
dinner, cake and dessert table thanks to Mazzone Hospitality Catering, Adam
Conway from Piano Man DJ Productions, took over with his assortment of music
for everyone to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Thank you Jen & Pete for allowing us to capture this very happy day with
you, your parents, families and friends! From the moment we met you it was
like we have known you for years! Your sense of humor, enthusiasm and
kindness made our day easy, fun and memorable!

May your new home be filled with health, happiness and love for each other
that you truly deserve!

Congratulations Jen & Pete!

The Hills are Alive!!!

Michael and Nancy

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August 21, 2014

Franklin Plaza Wedding in August 2014

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What a fantastic weekend we had at The Franklin Plaza for two incredible

The first one was for Kaitlin and Jarrod which started out at the Best
Western Franklin Square Inn where we caught up with Kaitlin and her bridal
party where the room was filled with anticipation and excitement for this
happy day! From there we caught up with Jarrod and his lively group of
groomsmen and best man with their black suits and sneakers which was a fun
addition to this wedding! First looks seem to be trending again and so that
was next on our check list which worked out perfectly in front of The
Franklin Plaza. We continued with family pictures, and then for some really
fun photos of the bridal party, they wanted to go over to Bomber’s which is
right across the street and then back to Franklin Plaza for the ceremony!
It was a whirlwind day which continued after the cocktail hour,
introductions, first dance, toasts and dinner! As always, Greg, Joe, Dom
and the entire staff at the Franklin Plaza never cease to amaze me with
their consistency with, food, hospitality and attention to detail! After
that it was non-stop dancing thanks to DJ Cap Capella which had the dance
floor packed for the rest of the night!

Thank you, Kaitlin and Jarrod for choosing us to be part of this amazing day
with all of you! We truly appreciated your fun ideas and your enthusiasm
which made our day so enjoyable! We wish all the best!


Michael and Nancy

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Baby shoot at Wolfert’s Roost Country Club

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Franklin Plaza August Wedding

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Our second wedding of the weekend began just like the day before, starting
at the Best Western Franklin Square Inn! How convenient is this for all
your out of town guests, they stay at the Inn, walk across the street to The
Franklin Plaza for the ceremony and the reception!

As we got closer to the suite where Jackie and her bridal party were
staying, we could hear from the hallway all the excitement that was going on
inside! We walked in and heard a loud “HELLO MICHAEL” coming from everyone
who knows him well from their own weddings where they had him as the
photographer. While Jackie was finishing up with her hair and make-up, we
worked on our preliminary photos so we could get started on the formal
shots. Jackie looked beautiful from head to toe as we stepped outside in
front of the Inn with her bridal party! We sent the girls back to the suite
so that we could spend time with the very handsome Adam, best man and
groomsmen in front of The Franklin Plaza, where the first look would take
place as well! That went extremely well as did the family photos right in
front of the plaza. With still more time, we had fun with the entire
wedding party in the alley and then a short walk into the ballroom for the

After cocktail hour the rest of the day went by so fast! After
introductions with sparklers, first dance, toasts, dinner and cake cutting,
the dancing was non-stop thanks to Grand Central Station and Jackie and
Adams very happy families and friends celebrating the joining of their two
friends! Between dancing, the photo booth, the bar and a pizza station
later in the evening, this was one amazing wedding!

Once again Joe Galuski, Dom, and the entire staff did what they do best and
being there two days in a row, I must say it was all perfect from beginning
to end!

Jackie and Adam, what can we say but WOW! We had so much fun and so many
laughs that it felt like we were working with family! We appreciate the
opportunity to have been a part of this spectacular day and enjoyed your
enthusiasm that made our day happy!

Congratulations and we wish all the best of everything!

Michael and Nancy

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August 14, 2014

Altamont Fair Engagement Shoot

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Wednesday’s rain didn’t stop Stephanie and Brad’s Engagement shoot at The Altamont Fair Grounds. These guys were up for anything from squirt gun games to roller coaster rides to tossing ping pong balls into Goldfish bowls. If the wedding next June is anything like their engagement shoot, It will be a great day.

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August 12, 2014

Franklin Plaza, Troy Wedding

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Wedding:  Margaret & Sean

Venue:  The Franklin Plaza / Ceremony and Reception / Troy NY

Date:  August 8th, 2014

Hotel:  Best Western Franklin Square Inn  Troy NY

Director of Sales;  Joe Galuski

General Manager/ Greg Cushman

Bridal Attendant:  Dom Pat

Hair & Make-Up:  Lipstick N Lashes / Ballston Spa

DJ:  Piano Man / Johnny

Saturday, we were part of another wonderful wedding for Margaret and Sean,
at The Franklin Plaza in Troy.  It was a magnificent summer day, as we
started out at the Best Western Franklin Square Inn and met up with the
bride and her bridesmaids and mother.  There was a controlled excitement as
we entered the suite as the bride opened the door with a huge smile on her
face that literally did not go away all day!  Everything was ready for us to
photograph for the preliminary shots and later when Margaret walked into the
room in her wedding gown, she looked absolutely elegant!  It was certainly
the perfect dress for her!  From there we met up with Sean and his best man
and groomsmen to set up the first look which is always a lot of fun!
Margaret walked across the street from the hotel to the front of the plaza
where Sean was waiting patiently as his bride-to-be tapped him on the
shoulder and twirled around for Sean to see how beautiful she looked!  As we
planned the day, it was time for some family photographs and then ceremony
time right in the ballroom of the Franklin Plaza.

Guests were directed upstairs to the cocktail hour while the wedding party
relaxed in the private board room to enjoy the delicious assortment of hors
d’oeuvres and reflect on the day so far.

As the evening went on, it was time for introductions, first dance, parent
dances, dinner and lots of fun for everyone to enjoy a photo booth and
Johnny from Piano Man who provided the music to get this party really
jumping on the dance floor!

Greg,and the entire staff as always provided a magnificent dinner service
and close attention to guests every needs!

Thank you, Margaret and Sean for choosing us to capture this very special
day for you and your families and friends!  We truly enjoyed walking around
Troy for some special photographs and especially your enthusiasm the entire
day which made our day so much fun!


We wish you all the best!

Michael and Nancy


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Canfield Casino Engagement Shoot

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Engagement shoot at Canfield Casion in Saratoga Springs, NY

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